Workroom for Scottsdale, AZ Residents

Our workroom is available to our customers and to anyone who is in need of a fabrics workroom for their projects. This includes retail and wholesale customers. We welcome anyone who brings in their own fabrics or materials and will not charge for the use of our workroom. The Brandt’s staff is friendly and willing to answer questions you may have about using the tools available in the workroom.

The workroom is 4,000 of square feet of working space and contains a number work tables, sewing machines, saws, work benches and storage.

Projects typically take 6-8 weeks to complete from the time fabric orders are received. We also have seasonal rushes that affect the completion of projects and the availability of the workroom. Projects that require a rush to complete may be subject to a rush fee if the production schedule must be altered to accommodate the project.

Walk-ins are welcome for customers who wish to check on their projects or who wish to use the workroom. The busy season for the workroom is October through January. Please call ahead for workroom space available during those months.

For more information about workroom space and specific tools available for your use, call our showroom: 602 996 3040