Valances in & Around Scottsdale, AZ

Window valances are great for dressing up plain curtains and blinds or even bare windows. You may have been inspired to think about decorating with these window treatments after seeing a great valance in someone’s home or in a decorating magazine but when it comes to finding the right valance for your own windows in a particular room it can be a difficult choice. The valance in that great picture is unlikely to be the right one for YOUR windows but you can still find a valance which will add style to your home.

Window Valances are draperies which cover only the top part of the window. These window treatments can be used alone to create a decorative accent at the top of the window or they may be used with window shades or curtains in any combination.

They are very popular with interior designers as they conceal the rod or track used to hang curtains which is not always the most attractive part of decorating a window and they give windows a special touch even when the other window coverings are simple curtains or blinds.

Valances come in all shapes and sizes but there are three main categories – each suiting a particular style of room:

  • Balloon Valances
  • Swag Valances
  • Ascot Valances

For a list of fabric manufacturers we carry, please visit our fabrics page. You may also contact us for more information about a specific fabric you are considering for a window treatment.

Tips For Creating Great Window Valances:

Great window valances are those which complement:

   1. the shape and style of your windows

   2. the accompanying curtains or window blinds

   3. the style and color scheme of your room

In order to get the most perfect window valances, you will need to adjust the length of your valance to suit the height of the window and of your ceiling.  Long valances on small windows do not create the best appearance because of the lack of proportion. Conversely, tall windows require longer valances to create proper symmetry. Tapered valances are best suited for curved top or round windows, so they follow the arch lines.

Once again, color selection is vital in completing the design of your room. Valances do not always need to be a perfect match, however the closer in color and texture you achieve with the color scheme of other portions of the room the better. Doing so will help incorporate the valances as a finishing piece to your room decor, rather than an afterthought item.

Like many other areas of interior design, you can get consultation on the best selection for your valance design. Our expert designers can help you complete your interior fashion through their recommendations and knowledge of what is the best application for a given situation. In the long run, this may save you time and money.