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Experts judge piece of furniture by its fabric. Fabric is one of the most obvious indications of style and quality. Your upholstered furniture is the centerpiece of any room. It is often the first thing your guests will notice when they visit.
Fabric is also the most obvious indicator of age, dirt, and wear and tear. Good furniture demands good upholstery. So how do you find a fabric that’s both stylish and durable? Brandts Inc. is here to help.

How to Select Quality Fabric
Brandts Inc. carries a wide variety of fabric in Scottsdale, AZ to choose from. We’ll help you turn your room from a living space to a luxury space.
When you’re looking for upholstery to cover your furniture and perfect your room, there are some considerations to make.

Thread Count
Higher thread counts wear better than lower ones. A high thread count means the fabric is tightly woven and won’t pull apart as easily.

A properly tailored fabric won’t snag or dimple. Patterns should be aligned at the seams so the various pieces flow naturally together.

Especially if you have children, be careful when choosing fabric colors. Dark colors will resist the appearance of stains.

Make sure your fabric matches the frame it’s covering. Don’t pair a chic modern print with a traditional frame, unless you’re going for contrast.

Fade Resistance
If your furniture will be in a very sunny room, make sure you look for fade-resistant fabrics.

How to Navigate Fabric Grades
Fabrics are graded on a range from A to F. Grades reflect price and are based on a variety of factors. A represents less expensive fabrics, while F goes with more expensive options.
As a consumer, you should know that fabric grades are not a reliable indication of quality or durability. Grades reflect how much the fabric cost to make. For an accurate description of the quality of the fabric, read the details on the fabric card.

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