Measuring Fabric Yardage For Interior Design Projects

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If you are considering creating your own interior fashions, you will need to determine the type and amount of fabric needed for the project. Knowing the amount of fabric will help to prevent you from running out of fabric. Understanding the type of fabric also helps to insure the project ends in success. There are specific types of fabrics for various applications of interior fashion design. If you are using a pre-designed pattern, check for any specifications as to the proper type and yardage necessary.

There are a couple of things you will need; measuring tape & calculator.

How To Determine Fabric Yardage

Step 1.

Determine the width of the fabric you will be using.  Many fabrics for interior fashions are available on rolls that are 54 inches wide. The wider fabric may allow you to use less length in fabric, however that depends on the project requirements.

Step 2.

The type of fabric used for the project also affects the yardage. Fabrics with print, textures or nap that go in only one direction will require you to cut pieces facing the same direction. This may require additional yardage to complete the project. If there is no specific pattern or texture to match direction, you may be able to arrange pieces in any direction. The important thing is to line up any grainline of the fabric.

Step 3.

Fabric yardage for curtains requires the measurement of the window frame or curtain rod. Most drapery styles require the finished curtains to be twice as wide a the window frame. There are times when several pieces of fabric must be sewn together to achieve the proper width of the draperies. That may be the case with wide or very tall windows. Measurements are also required from the top of the curtain rod to the distance needed for the desired end of the curtains (where the curtains will stop). The proper amount of fabric will be needed for this length, plus fabric used for rod casings and hems.

Step 4.

A standard method of calculating yardage is to divide the number of inches you need by 36 to calculate final yardage. Most fabrics are sold in increments of 1/8 yard. That means you should round your calculations up to the next 1/8 yard. Here is an example of a calculation of yardage where 95 inches of fabric is needed: 95 / 36 = 2.64 yards, rounded up to 2.75 yards or 2 3/4 yards.

That should provide you with an estimate of the fabric yardage needed for your interior fashion project. If you have any questions, our staff of experienced designers can help you calculate the final yardage necessary. We can also provide help with fabric selection. Our goal is to help you with the completion of a successful project, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that result in additional costs.


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