Fabric Trims in Scottsdale, AZ

Trims can add so much more too any room’s décor and design and they are very versatile. What was traditionally applied to curtains, upholstery and other soft furnishings doesn’t necessarily apply to today’s rules. Now you can use trims to embellish craft projects, picture frames or even use on a wall. But what can be difficult is to know what each type of trim is. We hope the information supplied below offers some insight to that area.

Trim adds a finishing touch to all projects and ties all elements of interior fashions together. The proper trim pieces will help to create the specific style you are going for. Be sure to select trims that complement colors & styles. You can often alter the overall look of a room by using improper trims.

It is important to select and order the right trim pieces for your projects as they are not returnable. Our trim products are mostly sold in full yard increments. Our design experts can help you select the right trim for your project, to save you both time and money by avoiding an incorrect order of trim fabrics.

Types of Fabric Trims:

Brush Fringe: A brush fringe is a cut fringe that has a flat skirt made of thin yarns. The heading of a brush fringe can vary from plain to a most elaborate gimp.

Bullion Fringe: A bullion fringe is a fringe made of plain or crepe cords rather than yarns. The heading can be plain or decorative. Bullion fringe is a heavy fringing traditionally used for sofa skirts, but the more delicate bullion fringes can be applied to curtains, throws and cushions and come in a wide variety of lengths.

Cord: A cord is plied yarn that has been twisted together. It is often used as an edging on pelmets and leading edges of curtains. Cording can also be attached to swag tassels to embellish curtain treatments.

Flanged Cord: Also known as lipped cording is plied yarn that has been twisted together with a tape (fabric edge) and is designed to be set into seams of sofa cushions and soft furnishings.

Gimp or Gimp Braid: A gimp is a flat, narrow, woven textile made in many styles. One or both edges of a gimp can be plain or cut, or have scalloped loops. Traditionally used on upholstery usually antique or reproduction, but can also be used on soft furnishings or as a wall braid. They add interest to curtains and blinds when sewn onto the edges, hems and valances.

Fringe or Tassel Fringe: Fridge is an edging with hanging tassels or threads used as decorations. A tassel trim is a plain or decorative gimp with attached tassels. They add finishing touches to curtains and throws and come in various lengths and widths of tassels.

Tiebacks: Tiebacks are cords or tassels which hold back curtains for a finished look. There are various types to choose from such as single and double tiebacks along with tiebacks that are beaded.

Key Tassels: are tassels that come individually and have a small loop at their top for attaching. They are often used in various ways on corners of cushions, valances, pelmets or to simply attach to a key on a door or piece of furniture.

Chair Ties: A chair tie is a cord with a tassel attached to each end. Chair ties are designed to be attached to a chair to make a decorative statement. They can also be sewn to two corners of a chair pad and then attached to the chair’s back support.